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Full Speed CoverWhen Sebastian Freeman sets off to Italy for his summer vacation, he is happy with his life. A chess prodigy with a near photographic memory, he has excelled in his final year of high school and is now ready to attend university, study law and, ultimately, take over his father's firm.

Everything changes in Italy, however, when he makes friends with a group of rebellious outsiders, falls in love with a beautiful but troubled artist and, for the first time in his life, begins to question the path his dad has laid out for him.

Through a series of escalating adventures and romantic twists, Sebastian ultimately discovers that he has been living other people's dreams instead of his own. What confronts him then is a decision: to live a life of security, social standing and ongoing paternal approval - or sacrifice everything for the unknown, for the chance to live a life devoted to his deepest passions, a life devoted to the person he now realizes he could become.

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Quotable Quotes from Full Speed

Jeremy O'Carroll

“In life there are tens of thousands of occupations – things people can and love to do. At mainstream university, one hundred, two hundred different courses. So don’t tell me most people end up studying what’s right for them.” (Carla)

"Don’t worry about the clip on a girl’s bra until you have her in the bedroom." (Markus)

“Freedom is what you do when you’re on a desert island and no one is looking." (Carla)

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